Marriott Rewards Account

Click on the link below to create a Marriott Rewards account if you don’t have one already to get free WiFi during your hotel stay. You’ll also earn points for your stay during the family reunion weekend.

Marriott Rewards Account

Get FREE Wifi and earn points for your hotel stay.

Pay Family Reunion Fees

Also Update Contact Information and Order T Shirts

Family Reunion Itinerary

Print and Share this document with other family members.

Update Contact Information

Not sure if we have your contact information? Update it here.

Saturday Attractions (June 30)

There will be a charter bus riding tour on Saturday, June 30 with a few brief stops. If you’d like to set your own course of that day, below are some self-expensed options for you.

Georgia Aquarium

Purchase tickets to visit the Georgia Aquarium.

Civil and Human Rights Center

Purchase tickets to visit the Center for Civil and Human Rights.

Six Flags Over Georgia

Purchase tickets to visit Six Flags Over Georgia.

50 Things to Do in Atlanta

See other great things to do in Atlanta.